1. Though your outer beauty so shines in the gorgeous and beautiful woman you are. Those eyes and that beautiful face of softness, tenderness, and that smile just captivates me to the core of my heart that as I look into those eyes I see a heart of pure true and real love. That which is where in my eyes and heart is were a woman’s true beauty lies and if she gives this gift of love to a man he has received one of the greatest gifts God has given man. I have to say whom ever is blessed to receive this love and heart of love I see in those gorgeous eyes of yours along with that beautiful face to wake up to everyday is truly one blessed man and should be thanking God everyday he shares with you the love that you both share as you become two hearts now becoming one under Gods love. Your just so beautifully gorgeous Sonia. Oh, to have that honor to be that man to look into that face and eyes everyday. Breath taking beauty seen for sure in one of God’s beautiful and worthy creations of the woman He has created her to be. God bless her heart and soul. Just such a beautiful heart and soul in the gorgeous woman she truly is.

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