Sonia Montejano grew up in Los Angeles where she continues to reside. She is a Mexican born American.

Sonia Montejano Baliff

Sonia attended California State University Los Angeles prior to graduating from Rio Hondo Police Academy at the age of 21. She wanted to make a positive effect in the movement towards gender equality, coupled with her strong sense of justice commencing her law enforcement career with the Los Angeles County Marshal’s Department seemed to be a natural career choice. There, she was assigned to the enforcement of civil judgments. Within five years the Department merged into the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Montejano promoted to Senior Deputy and remained assigned to Court Services Division where she supervised personnel and courthouse operations. She prepared security plans for high profile court cases and it was during her assignment to the Beverly Hills Courthouse that she became involved with the celebrity criminal court trials of actress Winona Ryder and Courtney Love.

After nearly twenty years on the police force, the real deputy made a career change and became known as a Hollywood Bailiff when producers of the Judge Joe Brown Court Show noticed the lady deputy and offered her the position of bailiff on the CBS syndicated show. She became known as Madam Sonia and remained on the JJB show for the next seven years, when the show ended in 2013. Today, she continues to keep the peace and personify courtroom decorum as the bailiff on the Judge Judy produced court show, Hot Bench, where she is known as Officer Montejano.

In her spare time, Sonia is lives with enthusiasm, and pursues various activities where she remains fit and engaged with her friends, family and community.

To promote her standard of fitness, she enjoys outdoor activities such as long walks with her dog Lola, jogging, hiking local trails, and mountain biking. Sonia has devoted over a decade to the art of Flamenco dance.

Madame Sonia is dedicated towards historic preservation, a subject matter she holds to be significant. Sonia believes preserving our past is investing in generations to come. She has enjoyed restoring all of her personal homes in various communities. In her present community, Sonia has volunteered with The Glendale Historical Society where she devoted hundreds of hours as the Director and Curator of the Doctors House, a Victorian House Museum over the course of nine years. In these endeavors, Sonia received several commendations in  recognition of her service to the affairs of the community for the benefit of all citizens.

Over the years, Sonia has spoken with children of all ages at various schools on the importance of education. She has also, taught courses on Manners, to inspire confidence. Sonia has served as a mentor and supports several outreach organizations that assist youths in under serviced communities.

Ms. Sonia began appearing on TV and modeling when she was in her 40s. It warms her heart when she hears that her lifestyle has inspired men and women alike.

Moreover, Sonia Montejano is an avid chess player, cook, photographer, model, traveler, rosarian, and is always in the midst of a new and exciting project.