1. Yet your beauty so shines outwardly in each photo shared here. The true beauty that is seen and so captivating is that seen when looking into your beautiful eyes. For there is where your true beauty lies for the love and beauty seen in your heart shines from your beautiful eyes. And still yet your gorgeous beauty outwardly can take your breath away in each one captivating in their own special way. Thank you for sharing each one yet I only made one comment here I figure it best that I just comment once I could say just how special I see the heart and love of the precious and beautiful woman God has created you to be. God Bless Sonia, you truly are a beautiful creation of God’s love.

  2. Sonia – que hermosa eres. Gracias por atraer la atencion del mundo en el programa HOT BENCH. Tuve que buscarte en la red para encontrar mas fotos. Increible!

  3. You’re awesome! Beautiful, tough (you must be) and Smart! Congrats 👏 and I know whatever you do after this super cool show called “Hot Bench” is a wrap..you’ll prosper at whatever you do!

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